Where to start, What to read

Anime, Manga and Drama

I’m a big fan of anime and manga, and over time I’ve also come to like Japanese dramas. Every now and then, I’ll recommend a few which I think are worth checking out.

Weekly Jump
Weekly Jump

Blog to Japan

This is where my blog started, and I’ve come a long way since. At first only created to win a competition to Japan, Nihon in London has steadily grown.

Hyper Japan 11.23.12 045


Discover what makes Japan so unique, from it’s arts and crafts, fashion, music etc.



Japan is far (and can be expensive to get to). However, there is a way to experience a bit of it here in London.



From traditional kimono to Japan’s latest street fashion, and anything in between.



I’m all about food, and there are some pretty tasty Japanese restaurants out there. So if you don’t know where to eat, check out a few of these places!



A look at holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, and how they’re celebrated in Japan. Occasionally, I also take a look at holidays particular to Japan.

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Japanese Folklore

I’ve always had an interest in folklore and mythology, so here are a few Japanese folklore, or mukashibanashi as it’s called in Japanese.

(image source)
(Image credit)

Maigo in Japan

All about my trips to Japan!



Japan is sometimes so unique, I just don’t know what category to fit these posts in.



Books, movies, iPhone applications, YouTube videos and more, to help you study or simply enjoy.

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Study Tools

Tools I use to study Japanese, and sometimes a recap of lessons I attend.

sumi (ink stick)
sumi (ink stick)

Word of the Day

Not a word for everyday of the week, but a word which I may have just learned and found interesting and unique, or simply words that seem to be trending.

Art Box

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