The only time I ever take interest in football is during the World Cup. After that, I really could not care less 😉 Of course being an international event, it is called differently in different languages. In Japanese, however, they use the same word as english: ワールドカップ (warudo kappu) – pronounced in a Japanese way … More W杯


It’s the end of Golden Week in Japan, and many have returned back to school or work. We all know that the Japanese tend to work very hard, always doing 残業 (zangyou) – overtime. Which is why it’s great that the whole country can be on holiday at the same time for a couple of … More 五月病

Love in Japanese

Since it’s spring, I thought why not talk about love 😉 So how do you say love in Japanese? Well, when you begin to learn Japanese, one of the first words your learn is 好き (suki), which literally means “like”. So you may learn phrases such as 音楽が好きです (ongaku ga suki desu) – “I like … More Love in Japanese