I came across this video on YouTube the other day, and was quite pleasantly surprised (and somewhat flattered) to see Japanese people adopting black culture. Especially, as mentioned in the video, beauty in Japan (and a lot of other Asian countries) is often synonymous with “white”. It’s great to see that some are now starting … More B-lifestyle


Here is another of my new discoveries in Japanese fashion: アイプチ (eye putti). I remember a couple years ago my Korean friend telling me about how many girls in Korea undergo a surgery called blepharoplasty, or more simply, double eye lid surgery. This is a cosmetic surgery that creates a crease , thus resulting in … More アイプチ

女装とスカート男子 Breaking the boundaries

During one of the talks at the Loli-POP! event, I realized one of the presenters was a man also dressed as a Lolita! ちょっとびっくりした… When I asked my friend about this, she explained that in Japan there are men who like to dress up in women’s clothing, which they call 女装 (じょそう) josou. Check out this … More 女装とスカート男子 Breaking the boundaries

Loli-Pop! impressions

I went to the V&A’s late night Loli-POP! event Friday evening, which celebrated Lolita fashion. It had somewhat of a magical fairy like atmosphere, as it was held in the museum by the pool with everyone dressed up and made up so beautifully. And the grande finale REALLY made it magical, with ballet dancers dressed … More Loli-Pop! impressions


If you’re interested in Japanese lolita fashion (or even just curious), the V&A will be holding a late night special on Friday 31 August from 18:30-22:00. It sounds like a fun filled evening with workshops, performances, talks and a screening of Kamikaze Girls. Follow the link for more information (^^) Loli-POP!