Shunga into Manga

Taken from my article published by magazine Last week, thanks to Japan Centre, I was lucky enough to attend a lecture at the British Museum: Shunga into Manga.  The lecture was quite short, and seemed to be over in an instant, but was packed full with many different themes and topics on the subject … More Shunga into Manga

Japan Foundation manga and anime workshop

Today I attended the Enjoy Manga and Anime in Japanese workshop at the Japan Foundation. It went from 1-5 pm, but those 4 hours just whizzed by. The whole session was informative and enjoyable. We started by looking at the different types of characters you often find in anime: 男の子(boy)、女の子 (girl)、野郎 (scrapper)、侍 (samurai)、おじいさん (old man)、執事 … More Japan Foundation manga and anime workshop