Love Japan Magazine

Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and everything Japanese…One who has such an interest or love is a Japanophile.


If you’re a self confessed Japanophile like me, then you’re sure to love Love Japan Magazine as much as I did!

Love Japan Magazine, as you can imagine, is a magazine all about Japan. Created by fans, for fans. Emily from Emily Loves Japan is the brain and editor behind this lovely idea. The first issue of Love Japan Magazine was released in April 2015 as a digital version (which you can read here), and now a second issue is already ready to be released on September 19th! This time you’ll be able to purchase it in print 😀 As much as I love the digital world, in my opinion nothing beats having a hard copy.

The magazine covers everything Japan related, from fashion to manga, travel and everything in between. You’ll even  find unique and interesting recipes to try your hand at. And why not mix it up with some of their sake recommendation 😉

I can’t wait to try this banana pancake with adzuki beans recipe!

Banana Pancakes with Azuki

The Love Japan Magazine team have also been very busy with covering Japan related events around Europe, and take us on a tour on all of these. Expect interviews and lots of pictures. Actually, that is one of my favourite things about the magazine, the photographs are stunning!

Another reason I really loved this magazine is because it brings so many different people together from different parts of the world just to talk about one thing: their love of Japan. The magazine features bloggers, photographers, illustrators, cooks, authors…each with their own story, and each with their own personal reason for liking Japan.

I asked Emily a few questions about Love Japan Magazine:

First of all, congratulations on releasing your second issue! The magazine looks great and I was so impressed by the content too. How did the idea of creating the magazine come to you, and did you have a clear vision of how you wanted it to be?

I’ve been passionate about Japanese culture ever since I was very tiny.  My aunt and uncle used to live in Yokohama, which sparked my interest, and it’s continued ever since.  Last year I began thinking about how I would love to create a magazine that would inspire people to visit, (or revisit) Japan. Amazingly, straight from the word go, lots of people wanted to be involved, from brands such as Miso Tasty and Yutaka, plus photographers, artists and bloggers.  We released issue 1 as an online magazine this Spring, and we got such great feedback that I decided to start working on another issue, that will be available online to read for free, and also in print.  I feel so honoured that companies such as NHK World TV, Yutaka, The Japan Centre & have all wanted to be involved in issue 2.  I was bowled over when La Carmina (one of my favourite travel bloggers and fashion icons) said she would be our cover girl.  I also got to interview some very cool people including Michael Booth (author of best selling novel Sushi and Beyond) and Japanese pop-star & TV presenter May-J!
I always anticipated that the magazine would have a fanzine feel to it, and by that I mean, the magazine is written by fans of Japan, for fans of Japan.  I also wanted to have a mix of contributors, from different countries and backgrounds, who all have a shared passion for Japan.  The variety of people who have been involved in the content is what makes the magazine special I think.
I was lucky to find a great graphic designer called Emma Prew, who took all the ideas I had for the aesthetics of the magazine, and formed these into a colour palette, patterns and logo.  I really love our logo, which is Mount Fuji in a heart!

What are your future aspirations for the magazine? Global domination?! ^ ^

In the future I’d love to get LJ Mag into shops, interview prominent people in Japanese society, and build up our global audience.  As I’m also a photographer, with a personal interest in kawaii culture, my ultimate goal is to photograph more Japanese pop stars and fashion icons.  To photograph Minori or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu would be a dream for me.  I actually bumped into Minori in Harajuku the last time I was there, but she was already being approached by a few other people and I didn’t want to hassle her for a photo.

Finally, can you tell us your 3 favourite things about Japan?

My three favourite things about Japan have to be:
– The diversity of the landscape; from subtropical islands to snow capped mountains.
– The way that respect, and harmony with nature is ingrained in Japanese culture.
– Japanese ‘kawaii’ (cute) culture.  Japan does cute and colourful better than any nation in the world!  

So if you love Japan and can’t get enough of it, then Love Japan Magazine is for you!

© All images are property of Love Japan Magazine

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