Hyper Japan July 2015

Earlier this month I attended Hyper Japan, and event celebrating Japanese culture, now in it’s  8th year running! I’ve been going almost every year, and every year the event just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. This year it was held at the O2 for the first time.

Hyper Japan at the O2

The event was broken up into 3 separate areas – the Hyper game & Anime, the main area which included the usual stalls and a festival stage, and finally a live stage area. To be honest when I first arrived, I wasn’t quite sure where I was going and where everything was. Luckily a giant Attack on Titan head helped me find my way 😉

I must admit I found the O2 slightly too big for the event. I enjoyed the performances, especially getting a chance to see celebrities Yoshiki and Toshi from Japan X.

Other celebrities included May J from NHK’s J-Melo and singer of Frozen’s Japanese version of Let It Go. You can see more pictures and videos of the event here.

Did you attend Hyper Japan this year? What did you make of it?

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