Shoryu Ramen at Broadgate Circle

Shoryu Ramen is slowly taking over London! Their latest restaurant can be found in Liverpool Street. It’s one of the many restaurants in Broadgate circle.

They still do their famous tonkotsu broth, but since the very time they opened, they now have a lot more on the menu. This Shoryu Ramen is proud of their grilled menu. We had the grilled ika (squid). It was absolutely delicious!

And for our ramen dish, I had the new wafu chicken with a soy base broth, and my friend had a spicy pork dish.

Again, these were super delicious and VERY filling! It did take a while for them to bring our food though, so we were starving by the time we got our ramen bowls, and ate pretty much all of it.

This weekend is the last weekend Shoryu are doing 50% off, so if you haven’t been yet, now’s your chance! And if you enjoy it so much that you become a regular customer, you may even be able to write on the ema decorating the walls of the restaurant.

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