Yamato Drummers – impressions 

Last night I went to see Yamato Drummers of Japan perform at Churchill Theatre in Bromley. It was absolutely spectacular! 

The show is described as a “high-energy, explosive production” with both “delicate beauty and heart-thumping bass power”, “the drummers’ remarkable strength and skill defies belief”. I could not agree more. I was impressed by the level of energy the drummers keep during this 2 hour performance, without ever wiping the smiles of their faces. It was clear to see that the drummers were enjoying themselves; they were passionate and unstoppable. 

The performance was playful with elements of comedy, making it very entertaining. We didn’t only listen to the skilful taiko players’ rhythms, we were also enchanted with the visual perfomance. At times the taiko players almost turned into martial artists or swordsman, yielding giant sticks and getting in Kung Fu like stances. They showed us they were  not only skilled at taiko, but also the shamisen, flute, koto and even teeny tiny cymbals (honestly I’ve never seen anyone play cymbals so well!). 

There’s still time to catch a few performances around London: Saturday May 9th in Watford and Sunday May 10th in Wimbledon. If you can, I really do recommend you see them. I’m sure, just like me, long after the show has ended, you’ll still have a resonating drum beat within you echoing away…


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