On Friday I came upon one of Worship Blues’ older post about a cute little Japanese cafe. One read of her review, and a bit of twitter stalking and I was sold! I just had to go visit this place!

Tucked away and almost hidden by a blocks of flats, on the East side of London near the Regent’s canal, lies the lovely Toconoco. The owners describe Toconoco as such:

Toconoco is a made up Japanese word meaning “Kids on the floor”
– and we are a local Japanese kid friendly cafe serving delicious home-cooked Japanese food.”

 Indeed, as soon as we entered we saw a family seated in the play area enjoying their meal, while their child discovered all the different toys.  

Aside from the playroom, the cafe has a really cute decor, with lots of natural light coming in, and a view of the canal.


We ordered three different onigiri, or rice balls, the lunch of the day, and a black sesame cheesecake. The lunch of day is different each time, which means you’ll be discovering something new each time you go back.




The food was absolutely delicious, and I loved the presentation. Even the plates and cutlery are beautiful.



I loved that this cafe served home cooked Japanese food, but still had a bit of that East London flair to it. The staff were lovely, and the owner’s little girl is just a bundle of joy. So if you’re ever in East London, be sure to pop by and treat yourself to a nice little Japanese experience.

Address: A, 28 Hertford Rd, London N1 5QT

Phone: 020 7249 8394

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