Wa – Japanese Bakery in London

I’ve found my new favourite bakery! It’s a Japanese bakery called Wa, located in Ealing Broadway.  

I’ve already been there 3 times so far, and I know there’ll definitely be more visits to come. The bakery is full of beautifully presented cakes, sandwiches and Japanese bread. There’s no way you won’t be tempted to buy something!  



Some of their food is also a little bit more western. 


 Everything is freshly made in the bakery itself.


 So far I’ve had the matcha roll cake, which is absolute bliss, and the Sakura cake, again a real treat for the eyes and your tummy. I’ve also had the Japanese Curry Bun which beats any curry bread I’ve had in London before. 

The shop itself is bright and beautifully decorated. I’ve not had the chance to sit down and eat in yet, but if you’re not pressed for time I would definitely recommend it. All of the staff are lovely, and some are also Japanese, so a good opportunity to practice 😉 

Let me know if you visit and what cakes you try! 

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