Maigo in Japan: Ghibili Museum

After coming back from Nagano, I spent a couple days in Tokyo. Firstly I did what I had not been able to do last time I was in Tokyo, which was to go to the Ghibli Museum! Of course as you can imagine, I was super excited 😀

Ghibili Museum

The Ghibli Museum can be found in Mitaka (Tokyo). It’s quite easy to get to, and takes about only 20 minutes from Shinjuku station for example. When you arrive at the station, you can either take a bus to the museum, which is right outside the station, for 320 yen round trip, or walk for 15 minutes. We opted for walking. Mitaka itself is a really nice neighbourhood, so the walk is well worth it in my opinion. The one important thing you have to remember if you plan on visiting the Ghibli Museum, is that tickets can not be bought there directly. You can either purchase them before arriving to Japan, or if you’re already in Japan, in a Lawson. Tickets get sold out quickly, so make sure you plan when you want to go in advance.

Ghibli Museum Castle in the Sky

The museum is pretty small, but also quite magical and special. Most probably because everything inside the museum is a secret. Pictures are not allowed and everything is made to provide a unique experience. For instance, the tickets themselves are always from a different feature film, so people who go to the museum often will collect these. Also a short feature film is shown, which is only available for visitors to the museum.

Ghibili Museum Robot

After leaving the museum we went to Inokashira park. This park is huge, featuring a great big lake, where you can ride on boats, or simply walk along it. At the moment it’s winter so the trees are bare, but in Spring all the trees bordering the edge of the lake are in fact sakura trees.

Inokashira park fountain

Inokashira Park bridge


Inokashira park lake


So if you’re lucky enough to visit Japan in Spring, this is a great picture spot! Also I like this park because it’s where I got a 大吉おみくじ (daikichi omikuji)!


Later on in the evening, we visited ameyoko, close to Ueno station. Ameyoko is a busy market street lined with shops selling clothes and bags, as well as market stalls selling fish, spices and dried foods. You can also find arcade centers, pachinko (for those who like to gamble) and restaurants. Of course we played a bit in the arcades before dinner.


My friend won this prize for me! Do you recognise him?
My friend won this prize for me! Do you recognise him?

For dinner we went to a restaurant called 磯丸水産 (isomaru suisan), which I highly recommend.



磯丸水産 food

And that’s it for my first couple of days in Tokyo! Next, Kansai….

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