Learning Japanese with Fluent U

I was recently introduced to this website called Fluent U. It features several languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese and more. And recently, they’ve added Japanese to their website!  Fluent U are passionate about learning languages and believe the best way to learn is by engaging learners. The website features videos based on your level: newbie, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, and native. The videos range from news clips, to music videos, to short skits. As you already know, I spend a lot of my time watching Japanese dramas, anime and tv shows to practice listening to natural Japanese. It’s a great way to get accustomed to the language, and can even help with your pronunciation further down the line.

Fluent U 3

Fluent U 12

Home - Fumitsuki Mei
Home – Fumitsuki Mei

The videos have text underneath to help you follow, both in Japanese and english. When there is word you don’t understand, simply hover your cursor over the video and it automatically pauses the video and gives you an explanation.

Fluent U 8

Once you’ve finished watching the video, you can view a whole transcript, a list of new vocabulary, and start studying. The learning section slowly takes you clip by clip through the video, going through grammar and vocabulary.

Fluent U 11
Apparently the website doesn’t like me using plain form f^_^;

Fluent U 9Fluent U 6

Fluent U 9

I especially enjoyed studying Let It Go from Frozen.  I may even sing it next time I go to karaoke  ^ ^

Fluent U 14

You’ll notice that as you learn new words, the next time you view a video, it will be highlighted in a different colour. This helps you identify vocabulary you’ve just studied and should know.

Fluent U 1

Fluent U 2

Fluent U is great fun and a nice tool to help you learn Japanese. I would say it’s best to use it in conjunction with your other Japanese learning methods, as it doesn’t teach you how to read and write, nor  delve too much into grammar. But it’s fantastic for listening and expanding your vocabulary.

Have you tried using Fluent U before? What did you think?

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