Murakami Book Signing Fail

Yesterday Waterstone’s Piccadilly held one of their book signing events. And this was one I definitely did not want to miss because it was THE Haruki Murakami! I’ve been a big fan of his books ever since I randomly picked up a copy of Norwegian Woods a couple years ago.  Murakami is known to be extremely shy and if it were completely up to him, I think he would avoid all public appearances. Which is why I was extremely excited when I found out a couple weeks ago he’d be doing this book signing 😀

So I woke up early yesterday morning, and set of with the aim of arriving for about 9am. The book signing began at 11am. I knew I wouldn’t be the first one, but I’d at least be amongst the first 200. WRONG! I arrived and the queue had been closed since 7:30AM! People had been queuing since 6:30 the evening before and had camped over night. The first 200 were able to meet and greet Haruki Murakami, and the last 200 received pre signed copies. I can’t even begin to explain how gutted I was. Even now, just reminiscing about it….あああ悔しい!  。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


The 5th person in line – he waited 21 hours!


However, some good did come of this epic fail. I made a new friend. We bonded over our sorrow of not having been able to meet our favourite author, as well as our love for his books.

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