London Anime Con impressions

Last weekend I attended the London Anime & Gaming Con. It was a weekend full of manga, anime, games and cosplay! Compared to other major Japan related events in London, I would say this was a slightly smaller one. It was great for socialising and for self-published artists to make themselves known. Especially if you are a cosplayer, this was a great place to get to know and network with others.

Attack on Titan Cosplayers
Attack on Titan Cosplayers
Patricia cosplaying as Annie
Patricia cosplaying as Annie





Playing at the Maid Cafe

I was really impressed by these next cosplayers who had made their entire costumes from scratch, including the accessories!

Temari and Hinata from Naruto



Sarah has been cosplaying has been cosplaying as Temari for a while and made that giant fan herself. She told me it had been quite difficult to make, as she had to make sure it could open up and operate. I think she did an amazing job!

Tozen Bleach
Vincent Adeoshun as Tousen from Bleach



Vincent sowed the entire robe himself and even made the sword.


I always find cosplaying really fascinating, and only wished I had the skills to make such costumes myself. But for now, I think I’ll stick to just photographing them 😉 For a few more pictures of the event, visit the Facebook album here!


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