Okinawa Day 2014

After last year‘s enjoyable event, I decided I would once more attend Okinawa Day in London’s Spitalfields market. Just like the year before, there was music, performances and karate all day long.

Unfortunately for me however, I only arrived to the event at about 3 o’clock, and by that time the food was starting to run out already. But at least they had かき氷 (kakigori)! Kakigori is shaved ice, usually topped with flavoured syrup, and sometimes even fruit or azuki (red bean paste). You’ll see a lot of people enjoying kakigori during Japan’s extremely hot summers. And Saturday may not have been as hot as Japan’s summers, but it was still warm (a valid reason to pig out). However, I decided to be sensible and have lunch first, and by the time it got to desert, they were all sold out! (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。) So I’m really hoping that next year they’ll have more food and more kakigori, but all in all, I still really enjoyed it 🙂


kakigori (shaved ice)
A picture was all I got  😥








You can also view more pictures here 🙂


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