Terracotta Film Festival 2014

This year’s Terracotta Film Festival will be from May 23rd – June 1st. All movies will be showing at the Prince Charles Cinema and The Institute of Contemporary Art. The festival features several Asian films, but I’m only going to focus on the Japanese ones of course 😉 Although, I do recommend the other movies as well. This year’s spotlight focuses on the Philippines, so be sure to check it out if you can.

One of the movies I would really like to see is Snow White Murder Case. It’s based on a book written by Minato Kanae, the same author who wrote Confessions, which was also made into a feature film a couple years ago! Confessions is one of my all time favourite Japanese movies. If you haven’t seen it, I really urge you to watch it!

And here is a trailer for Snow White Murder Case:

Directed by Nakamura Yoshiro (Fish Story), I think this promises to be quite an entertaining film. It will be showing on Saturday May 31st.

The next Japanese feature film is called Be My Baby. This was directed One Hitoshi, the same director who did Love Strikes which I saw a couple months ago during Japan Foundation’s touring film festival. What’s so special about this movie is that it was shot in 4 days and with a budget of less than £10,000. The trailer is quite short, so here’s a brief description from the Terracotta Film Festival website: “BE MY BABY traces the aftermath of a party attended by a group of drop-out twenty-somethings, all running into or away from flawed relationships. Rooms are dimly lit, floors strewn with trash, clothes grubby and unkempt; this is a gritty, smutty world populated by characters blithely caught up in a vortex of insecurity, betrayal, and manipulation.” This movie will be showing Sunday June 1st.

On a slightly lighter note than the first two, a movie called Judge! , directed by Nagai Akira. Also showing on June 1st, this movie promises “larger-than-life characters” and a good laugh. And after the movie there will be a short Q&A session with the director 🙂

All tickets can be bought online, so if you would like to see any of these, get them before it’s too late!




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