Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

Today we were lucky enough to have some nice weather, so my friend and I decided it was about time we finally went to visit Kyoto Garden in Holland Park (a bit of inspiration from Fran’s lovely posts actually).

Kyoto Garden is only a very small section of Holland Park, but a very beautiful one. It really does feel like nihon in London! The pond even has koi (Japanese carps).  The garden also features a waterfall, momiji (maple tree) and a sakura tree. I just couldn’t get enough of the lovely scenery, so snapped a few pictures 🙂 But I really do recommend that you go see it for yourself.






IMG_7453To make it feel even more Japanese, my friend and I decided to have sushi in the garden. I suppose this is one of the best places to visit if you ever felt like you missed Japan, or just wanted some peace and tranquility.

And while you’re in Holland Park, if you’re lucky enough you may just run into this wonderful creature 😉



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