Studio Ghibili at the BFI

Starting from next month, April, and all the way into May, the BFI will be celebrating and screening Studio Ghibili! This is a great chance to watch all our favourite Ghibili classics on the big screen. A few titles include Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, as well as newer ones such as From Up on Poppy Hill and The Wind Rises. Unfortunately though, I’m afraid they’re only showing the The Wind Rises once, and that is completely sold out already! So you’ll have to wait for the official UK release on May 9th to see that one in cinemas.

To see any of the other movies you can buy your tickets online here. Not all of them have gone on sale yet, so there’s still a chance to book a whole lot of screenings if you wanted to.  One of the screenings for Spirited Away even includes a fun day workshop where you can make your own cast of “spirit gods”, and possibly win a prize at the end 😀

I’ve only ever watched one Studio Ghibili at the cinema, which was Arrietty.

It’s not my favourite Ghibili, but still a great story, and I love Arrietty’s Song! What’s great about this movie though, and why I would recommend seeing it at the cinema, is that it was created with the intention of making the audience feel as small as Arrietty and give us a glimpse our world from a different perspective. There’s a real sense of magic, purity and gentleness to this film, which I believe can be better felt at the cinema.

So which Studio Ghibili would you like to go and see? 🙂


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