Japanese English Meetup Hanami

Here’s another lovely event to add to you Japanese calendars: the Japanese English Meetup hanami in Regent’s Park! Japan is known for it’s beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, and right now they’re in full bloom.  During this period the Japanese like to do what is called hanami (花見), which essentially means “flower watching”. Of course it’s a lot more than just watching flowers 😉 People gather with friends to eat, drink, play games, take pictures and simply enjoy spring at its peak.

Now in London we may not have as many, and as beautiful cherry blossoms as in Japan, but we do have some! Each year the Japanese English Meetup group organises this picnic as a great opportunity to meet new people, practice Japanese (or English) and give us a little taste of what a hanami is. This year the event will be held Saturday April 12th from 1pm-6pm in Regent’s Park, and is free to attend. For more information, visit their website here!

I’ve never actually attended this picnic, but I have been to several Japanese English Meetups before, and they’re always great fun 🙂 So hopefully see some of you there!


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