Inspiring Young Lives Art Competition

When I went to the Culture Japan Night the other day, I met a young lady named Bei Cao who told me about an art competition she was organising. I thought this sounded pretty interesting, and could be a great opportunity for anyone with artistic flair to take part. Obviously, being me, I instantly thought of something Japan-related, but of course it doesn’t have to be! 😉 Here are the details below:

What it is about

This competition is designed for young artists to express and inspire their own generation.

It is not about techniques; with passion we believe everybody could be an artist in his/her life.

Be a participant, you will choose a theme provided below and artistically illustrate your understanding of it.


Future;     Young;     Difference;    Challenge;    Love; London


All artists 15-30 years of age at the time of application may apply with their work without any restrictions concerning nationality or education disciplines.

There is no entry fee; all welcome.


Wednesday 19th March 2014


Successful participants will be informed by email by the end of March and will receive an exhibition in London.

The selected artwork will be used by Prince’s Trust for fundraising purpose, for example, postcards, greeting cards, t-shirt etc. The name of the designer will also be displayed alongside his/her designs (unless special requirements).

How to participate

1. Please send your works or inquiries to;

2. Acceptable image formats: bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt;

3. It can be hand-drawing, digital design or photography;

4. Please also provide following information in English with your submission:



Add. Info

We may make small adjustments on your work to meet our limitations

More information will be announced once confirmed.


Bei would also like to organise a cosplay event/competition soon, so watch this space!



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