Otakus in Love (恋の門)

This evening I went to see my first movie from Japan Foundation’s East Side Stories touring film programme: Otakus in Love (恋の門). I absolutely loved it!

Otakus in Love, directed by Suzuki Matsuo, is based on a manga by Jun Hanyunyuu. It follows the story of Aoki Mon, a manga artisan and Koino, an employee at the Tsugino Happy company.  Of course there is a lot more to Koino than merely being an office lady, and even Mon has a few surprises hiding up his sleeves as a manga artisan. We follow them as they attempt to make their dreams of being successful come true as they go through life’s difficulties: work, money and love. Surrounded by other characters just as slightly deranged and unpredictable as our two main ones, you’re sure to be laughing from start to finish. But as the title suggests, it is still a love story, and has quite a sweet underlying tone to it.  So if you’ve been looking for an unusual (although probably not so unusual in Japanese cinema) rom-com to watch, this is the one for you.



(Feature Image Source)


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