East Side Stories: Japanese Cinema

Starting from the end of this month, all you cinephiles and japonophiles will be able to enjoy Japan Foundation’s touring film festival – East Side Stories: Japanese Cinema Depicting the Lives of  Youths.  From the 31st of January to the 27th of March, the tour will travel the UK. Luckily for us in London, it starts here at the ICA till the 6th of February. You can find the whole list of films playing here, but here are my top 3 that I would really like to go see:

The Story of Yonosuke


*Sorry I couldn’t find a trailer with subtitles (>人<;) でも、勉強になるね!

Otakus in Love

There’s a whole list of other interesting movies to watch, so definitely do have a look on their official website. Also Japan Foundation is hosting a talk prior to the Film tour on January 29th at 6:30 for anyone interested. Just be sure to book a seat in advance here. You’ll even have a chance to win a pair of tickets! Or if you can’t make it, you could always try to win tickets here.

So what movie would you like to see?

(Feature image source)


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