Kagamiwari & Mochi Tsuki

Yesterday I headed over to the Japan Center to take part in a free kagamiwari (鏡割り) and mochi tsuki (餅つき) event, as a small taster of how to welcome the New Year Japanese style.




Mochi tsuki is a very traditional Japanese event. To make mochi, a special type of sticky rice is soaked in water all night and steamed. This is then placed in an usu (mortar), where the rice will be pounded using a kine (mallet). The kine is quite heavy, so it’s usually the men that pound the mochi. But even children can have a go with a little help.



It was my first time doing mochi tsuki, and although I would have really wanted to try pounding the rice myself, I thought it best to just leave it to the children. It was a really nice event with a great family atmosphere.  Have you ever done mochi tsuki?



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