Japan Matsuri 2013

Last weekend was Japan Matsuri 2013. It was held in Trafalgar Square, like the previous year, and once again attracted a very large population of Japan lovers. Although, due its touristy location, there were also many wanderers, who I’d like to think enjoyed it just as much as everyone else 🙂 

The crowd only an hour after the matsuri began!
The crowd only an hour after the matsuri began!


As always, Japan Matsuri had a lot to offer in terms of food, arts and crafts, travel information and performances.


Dorayaki stand
Dorayaki stand
Takoyaki stand
Takoyaki stand
Japan Journeys
Japan Journeys

I decided to volunteer this year again. So when I wasn’t busy running around helping out, I mainly spent my time watching the performances on the stage. I always love watching taiko. The sheer size of some of the drums are impressive enough as it is. But what’s so great about these performances are the energy the drummers put into it. It’s so invigorating to watch, and I just love the feeling of the loud resounding beats travelling through you.

The traditional Japanese dances are as well a real treat to watch. The kimonos are always so magnificent.






This year we even attempted to get the crowd to participate in a folklore dance from Hirado called tasuke haiya bushi. Although some tried to join, I think, however, they may have found the steps a bit too hard. The children in the middle of the circle seemed to have come up with their own dance within a minute of it having started 😀



From the traditional to the modern, Japan Matsuri also featured a lolita fashion show, and closed of with spectacular performances from Siro-A, Joji Hirota and guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu. 








I was pleasantly surprised by Siro-A’s performance. I had heard of them and read reviews from bloggers that had seen them, but had yet to see them myself (thinking that it wasn’t really my thing). Their show was fantastic. It was funny,fun, and very ingenious. I did take a video, but I feel that the quality doesn’t really reflect how great the performance was (there was a lot of light, so it’s hard to see anything >_<). You can still catch their show till November 2nd, so if you’ve got the time, it really is something to see.



Japan Matsuri could not have closed with a bigger bang if they wanted to! I absolutely loved the final performance, which featured Hotei playing his famous Battle Without Honor Or Humanity accompanied by Joji Hirota and his taikos. 




And that was it. Another great year for Japan Matsuri. And as he final drum beat echoed into the night, I felt a kind of momentary sadness, as after my trip to Japan this summer, and the day I had spent, Japan was slowly moving further way from me…






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