Japanese Books in London

Going to Piccadilly Circus always makes me feel a little bit closer to Japan. Why? Well, first of all it’s where you’ll find the Japan Centre. Right next to it, there’s Mitsukoshi, and across from the road you’ll find the famous Shoryu Ramen. And there’s a few more Japanese restaurants around the area as well.

The other day I had a bit of time to spare before class, so I decided to stop by Mitsukoshi to buy some kanji books. If you haven’t been to Mitsukoshi yet, it’s basically a big department store that sells everything from clothes to bags, shoes etc. You’ll also find a restaurant and a travel agent as well. But the lower ground floor is where I always go, because that’s where you’ll find all the Japanese books you could ever want…well…probably not, but it’s a good start!

I found a few interesting books that can help you learn kanji…



…but I also got distracted with other books….


I do think children’s books are a great way to practice just reading in general. So don’t underestimate them and definitely used them in your studies 😉

You can really find all sorts of books there, and they’re not just for foreigners learning Japanese either:

"English people are weird"
“English people are weird”


Weekly Jump
Weekly Jump

And if you’re lucky, there may even be a 50p sale on!


In the end, although I went in to buy books to study, I walked out with a manga called メテオド f(^-^;) That’s still considered studying right? 😉

So if you’re ever looking for Japanese books, magazines or even cute accessories, Mitsukoshi is the place for you 🙂



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