Kanji Practice

I’ve really been slacking in terms of my Japanese lately. So I’ve dusted off the dust from my kanji books and also been in search for the perfect app to help me get back into studying. I’ve recommended iPhone apps before, so here’s another one to add to the list: ゆびドリル (yubi drill).

I’m the type of person who learns better by doing. So I have a lot of notebooks just filled with kanji written over and over again with example sentences. It’s quite scary to look at actually (^^;; For that reason, I also like to find apps that actually allow me to practice writing. So boy was I happy when I found this one!


The app has different kanji levels from 一年生 (ichi nen sei – first year) to 六年生 (roku nen sei – 6th year). Within each of the years, you can first of all study and practice writing kanji. And when you are ready, you can test yourself.



Your answers are corrected as you move along in the test.


But another feature, which I really like, is how the app also tests you on the different readings of a kanji. Because there’s nothing more complicated about kanji than knowing all the different on-yomi and kun-yomi readings!




This app is only at 小学生 level, so might be a little basic for some of you, but all in all it’s very useful and quite entertaining. What apps do you recommend?


8 thoughts on “Kanji Practice

  1. Great timing – I’ve just downloaded a bunch of apps to try and make myself study again and Yubi Drill is on my list! I got Midori too and it looks great. I’m enjoying Kanji Box, and iKanji looks quite good too, but I’ve only played with them a little bit so far. がんばります!


  2. If you like those apps, I think you’ll love Kanji Connect – it uses a really nice game approach and also has lots of reference, tracking and review functions.

    You can also use kanji data from Quizlet in the Lex Word Game app.
    Check them out on the app store or at http://www.kanjigames.com




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