Nakuna, Hara-chan

This drama is really cute (o^-^o) It’s only just started with 2 episodes so far, but so far so good!

The story is about Hara chan, a man who seems to spend his time in a bar, constantly drunk and lamenting about his life. In this bar are four other people, who always seem to be there as well. But wait, there’s a catch. Hara chan and his friends are not real. Hara chan is in fact a manga drawn by Echizen-san, a plain little lady who works at a plain old fish paste factory. Drawing a complaining Hara-chan help Echizen-san release those pent up frustrations she keeps to herself. However, life becomes more interesting when Hara-chan steps out of the manga into the real world and goes looking for kami-sama (God) aka Echizen-san…

Nakuna, Haru-chan reminds me a bit of zettai kareshi, another romantic comedy, which I absolutely loved. My only hope is that things go well for Hara-chan!

If you’d like to watch the series, you can find it here on dramacrazy. Although, you can watch the full episodes, I’m afraid because it’s still relatively new there are no subtitles as of yet. But what a good way to practice your Japanese right?! 😉 The language is fairly simple and easy to understand, and it helps that Hara-chan is still discovering the world, so a lot has to be explained to him. So who better than him to learn Japanese with. 頑張りましょう!

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think 😀 Have a great Sunday everyone!


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