Switch Girl

Switch Girl is a drama, based on a manga, about a charismatic, very popular young high school girl. She’s perfect in every single way, therefore adored and admired by everyone. But what they don’t know, is that once at home, Tamiya Nika, turns into the complete opposite of her high school image. She’s sloppy, messy, unfashionable, geeky, lazy, over dramatic and likes time sales! Of course no one at school knows about her “switch mode” except for her childhood friend, until one day a new boy at school discovers her secret…

The story line is very basic, and not unheard of within the shoujo manga genre. However, the actress who plays Tamiya Nika, Nishiuchi Mariya, portrays this eccentric character wonderfully, to the point where you can’t help but literally laugh out loud.

Also, as a young high school student experiencing love, dates and first times, at times you just simply have to relate and empathise with Tamiya’s “Bridget Jonesesque” misadventures.

The episodes are short, lasting only 30min, and season 1 only has 8 episodes. Although, sometimes the story may seem rushed a little bit, it’s still an enjoyable half hour. So this is a recommendation for shoujo fans, and anyone looking to have a good laugh. And we all know that every woman has a switch mode でしょう!(I say wearing my oversized hoody, thick socks and baggy pants 😉 )


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