KAMUI at Hyper Japan

The other highlight to Hyper Japan this year definitely had to be KAMUI! They were absolutely amazing!! After watching their show on Sunday and 2 of their workshops, it really made me want to get back on the mat (I used to do ju jitsu) and practice using the bokken (wooden sword) that I have at home, which is just sitting there collecting dust 😦

I really wanted to participate in their workshop, but unfortunately with Christmas coming up, and a massive family to buy presents for (I’m the last of 6), I just couldn’t afford to do it. But having an hour session with Kill Bill choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi for just £30 is really not bad! Plus everyone that attended the workshop got a certificate at the end…うらやましい!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

But hey I actually got to participate in my own way as you’ll see from the videos I took 😉




See, I told you I participated in my own way 😉 And apparently I was quite loud, as my friend who was all the way at the back heard me (despite the loud music). ああ恥ずかしい!\(//∇//)\

Doesn’t Sato Yuu-san at the front just look so cool?!
Tetsuro Shimaguchi


KAMUI explained that their troupe was a mix between performing artists and martial artists: kengidou. ken, meaning sword, gi from kabuki, and dou meaning way. Shimaguchi Tetsuro thought “侍の道を作ろう” (samurai no michi wo tsukurou), “let’s build a samurai’s way”.

Performing in London at Hyper Japan was only part of KAMUI’s European tour. They had already spent a week in Poland, and were on their way to Spain and Italy after the UK. When the presenter asked them how the audiences differed from Poland to the UK, KAMUI said the audience in Poland were really serious and quiet right until the very end, where they would then cheer and clap; but here at Hyper Japan the audience was excited throughout the whole performance, continuously cheering and clapping, which just made it more exciting for them. Well I’m glad we were a great audience! 😉

After their performance on stage, I just had to go talk to them…and what a lovely group of people they were! Fukuda-san was especially lovely and I really enjoyed talking to him.

But aside from their stage performance, KAMUI were kept busy almost all day running workshops.

The workshops were quite informative. As each participant learned the basic postures, I took notes so I could try at home 🙂

First you have seigan, which is your basic posture holding the sword in front of you.

The next movement is joudan, jou meaning up, so raise your sword.

And then, gedan, ge meaning down, so you lower your sword.

And finally, hassou, which I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand, but I think it meant holding your posture.

Once the basic movements were down, participants learned how to swing their swords, and were shown how to practice in pairs.

I think we all thought he was kidding when he said they were going to do it a hundred times! It reminded me of my Kung Fu teacher in China, as we all stayed in ma bu (horse stance) while he counted to 100…きびしい先生ですよねー


When they were done learning, each participant had to do a mini performance. But first, KAMUI show you how it’s done!




And then it was on to the students…

Don’t you just love Fukuda-san and Sato-san?! あたし大好き!(#^.^#)

And by any chance, KAMUI さん達がこれを読めば、ロンドンのハイパージャパンに来て本当に良かった。演奏はすごくかっこいくて楽しかった。ふくださんとさとさん一緒に写真を撮らせてくれてありがとうございます!ツアー頑張って下さい!

Fukuda-san and Sato-san



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