Cosplay at Hyper Japan

On the 2nd day of Hyper Japan was the Cosparade, World Cosplay Summit preliminary, and European Cosplay Gathering competitions.

For those of you that may not know, the Eurpean Cosplay Gathering (ECG) is an event held every year, where cosplayers from around Europe gather and compete to be crowned best cosplayer in Europe. It’s a great way for people with the same passion to get together and enjoy all the creativity and effort that goes into this hobby. Hyper Japan held the preliminaries, and the winners won an all expensed trip to Paris where they will be competing for the champion title at Japan Expo (the biggest Japanese cultural event in Europe). いいなあぁ…

And then you have the World Cosplay Summit (WCS). Again this is a yearly event that has been running since 2003, but on a much bigger scale! The winners of this contest get an all expensed trip to Nagoya in Japan where they will be competing against single or group cosplayers from all around the world. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Have a look at the kind of performances seen on stage each year:

Cosplayers are judged on performance, costume (design, material, similarity to original) and fidelity to original character and story. I’m always amazed by the costumes and props, as they’re all hand made! A lot of time, effort and creativity goes into cosplaying. But it’s such a rewarding hobby. And if you’re lucky, like some of the judges at Hyper Japan, you can find yourself working in the film industry or become a designer 😉

So here are a few of the competitors at Hyper Japan’s preliminaries this year. (Please excuse the cheesiness and poor videos :s )

After the cosparade came the longer performances.




The winners are among these videos. Can you guess who?? 🙂


Well Congratulations to them, and I really do wish them the best of luck!

WCS preliminary winners

And to finish off, here is a great video produced by my friend that just sums up the weekend’s cosplay, on and off stage 🙂


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