Ninjaman Japan at Hyper Japan

One of the highlights of Hyper Japan this year had to be having Ninjaman Japan perform. As I’ve said before, I knew nothing of this band before this weekend, and didn’t quite know what to expect. I’m glad I went and saw them though (several times!).

Ninjaman Japan are a 5 member visual kei rock band, with Metal on bass, Sarino on vocals, Daishi on guitar, Pinky on drums and Lida also on guitar. Not only are they great musicians, but the band members are also performers, as their act  contained a short skit and “battle scenes”. The performance was very amusing, and I was even impressed with some of things the band members had to do, like Sarino jumping high up in the air to strike the enemy! (I think that’s probably when I became enamored :p).

But I think mostly what I liked about this band is their kindness and genuineness. Daishi always had such a big smile on his face that would literally melt your heart, Sarino also had an amazing smile and was always full of energy and seemed absolutely thrilled to be in London (as did the other band members), Pinky and Metal were always really playful, and Lida was just awesome. I felt the band really connected with the audience, and their warmness, kindness and playfulness really came across. I asked Daishi what he liked about London, and he replied with “暖かい人” (warm hearted person).  Well Daishi, あなたも暖かい人だよ!^_-☆

Without further ado, if you didn’t get a chance to see them, here is what you missed out on:

Ahh my camera ran out of storage! But thank God I had my iPhone…

(Please excuse the thumb on this one :s)


Ahhh! And then my phone ran out of storage…_| ̄|○


And here is the jump I missed Sarino doing the first time 🙂

Now I thought I was terrible for following Ninjaman Japan almost everywhere it seemed…but this is what you call true fans!

These three girls had come prepared with presents for Ninjaman Japan and literally ran after them as soon as they moved away!

And here are a few snapshots I took of them. Sorry the pictures are absolutely terrible, but my camera is not very good at taking people in action 😦


Je l’adore!

I think you can tell who my favorite is lol
One of the “devils” that tried to take over Hyper Japan

I think this was a bit of an impromptu autograph session
Ninjaman Japan preparing for a photo session with fans (Daishi is always smiling!)
Pinky seems like such a joker
Autograph session
Metal pulling a face 😀
Daishi and Pinky
I just had to do it lol
My favorites! (^_^)☆



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