Hyper Japan Winter 2012 impressions

Hyper Japan winter 2012 has come and gone, and what a great weekend it was! When filling out a survey about Hyper Japan to get a free badge I realised that I’ve been to ALL the Hyper Japan so far. But I can safely say that this one was probably the best so far, well for me anyway 🙂

As usual there was so much to see and do that I don’t know where to start. But I guess the sensible thing would be to start with the first day, Friday 23rd.

This year I chose to help out a bit and volunteer for Hyper Japan. I was one of those people standing outside in the cold with a Santa hat holding a sign {(-_-)}


The event only opened at 2:00 on Friday, but by that time there was already a long queue of anticipating Japanophiles waiting outside from West Brompton entrance all the way to Earl’s court station it seemed!

And this is just the queue for advance ticket holders. There was another queue for purchasing tickets on the day. It seems that every year the show just gets bigger and bigger! But despite having a large number of people coming in, the queues advanced very quickly and everyone was able to get in. I think that being in a bigger location certainly helped. Last year when the event was held in Olympia, they reached maximum capacity and sadly had to stop people from coming in.

So people made their way into the venue, went up a long escalator, and as they reached the top, they were greeted by this:

A giant Chopper!

What a way to be welcomed でしょう?!

There were many different stalls to see, such as fashion & beauty, arts & crafts and food of course! There was also a gaming area and a culture area.

iPhone cases
Look at all those different Kit Kats! どれにしようかな… (^^)
My friend trying a wasabi Kit Kat…the final verdict: おいしいです!
Rilakuma socks


ITK’s robotic hand was there again!
You know I love okonomiyaki 😀

Kakigori 🙂
I waited 3 days for this, as the queue was always so long!
But first…picture 😉
matcha and azuki kakigori

On Macaron

wigs galore

As you can see, there was a lot of food and A LOT of kawaii! 


Now because I was volunteering on Friday, I didn’t get to see a lot of the shows unfortunately 😥 Guitar legend Hotei Tomoyasu performed with KAMUI, which I REALLY wanted to see! Look at what I missed out on:



_| ̄|○

Aside from Hotei Tomoyasu, other shows included a performance by Ninjaman Japan and KAMUI (a love story I will tell you about in separate posts 😉 ), but also ITK, cooking with Atsuko Ikeda, Cosplay (again I’ll be writing a separate post about that), Wa-Pop by Tomoca and so much more.

So on the Saturday I went to see the Home made sushi show, cosplay show, ITK robotics show and Ninjaman Japan. Basically I found a seat towards the front, and just stayed there! (Although I was sat on the floor at first :p)

Atsuko Ikeda, who is often at Hyper Japan and Japan Matsuri (like Hibiki Ichikawa) held a sushi making workshop, and also presented the home made sushi for parties on the main stage.


She makes it look so easy 🙂

And ITK was back with improvements to their robotic hand, or handroid as they called it. I popped by their stand and spoke to the guys there, who were absolutely lovely! I also got to try the handroid, which is amazing. As they said to me, it still has a long way before it is fully completed, and there are some limitations to how you operate it at the moment. When I tried the handroid, I had to place my hand in front of a sensor in a very specific location. The handroid followed my movements very well as I opened and closed my fists. However, when I accidentally shifted my hand off center and raised my index finger only, the handroid ended up giving the finger to the kind ITK guys…oops!


ITK gave a good presentation on stage, and although the main speaker seemed to have memorised all his lines, he still managed to bust a few jokes as he explained the process of making the robot hand.

Although they had had several weeks to prepare for Hyper Japan, the main developer decided to leave it till the very last minute lol


I didn’t manage to film his little comedy act, as it took me a while to realise what he was saying, but here is the rest of the presentation.

And then came the very popular cosplay show, which filled up all the seats and had many many people standing around. They presented the World Cosplay Summit preliminary, the European Cosplay Gathering preliminary and a cosplay parade. I took several videos of the cosplay show, so will be posting those separately (other wise this post will never end!), but here is a glimpse of some of the cosplayers I saw. Can you recognize any of the characters??



I absolutely love this one! (photograph by Ash Chetri)

And then it was on to Ninjaman Japan! An act I knew nothing about, but thoroughly enjoyed!! I caught a glimpse of them on Friday before seeing their show, and thought it a good opportunity to take their pictures (while they were on a cigarette break :p). But after I saw their live on Saturday, I would be following these lovely 5 visual kei band members at every appearance! By the end of the weekend they began to recognize me, and that’s when I thought “oh God they must think I’m a stalker!”. But I wasn’t as bad as the fans (who I believe came all the way from Japan).

Sarino and Daishi from Ninjaman Japan (before I became a fan and started stalking them). I really need to invest in a better camera 😦

Who would’ve thought that androgynous anime looking men would be my type?! 😉 More on Ninjaman Japan to come later…

And have I told you about my other crush…?! Sword troupe performers KAMUI were とてもカッコイイ!! 本当に好きになっちゃったよ!

So watch this space…there will be more!

Sato Yuu from KAMUI



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