Shoryu Ramen

I finally went to Shoryu Ramen the other day! I’ve been following them on twitter since before their grand opening on the 17th: watching them build the place, reading their tempting menu on their website (Shoryu Ramen), and then seeing many MANY pictures of food people had during the “soft opening”. So now it’s my turn to make everyone jealous with my amazing ramen picture!!


Well first of all I absolutely loved the décor, which had an authentic Japanese feel to it. Japanese food is always better in the right setting 😉


The best part about entering Shoryu Ramen though…the drum! Each customer that came in was greeted with an “いっらしゃいませ!” and drum beat.

I also loved the man who greeted us in, as he was full of energy. But what was most amusing was that he spoke Japanese to every customer, Japanese or not 😀

And finally…the ramen: it was amazing. That’s all I can say. Very filling and とても美味しかった。I just hope they come up with more vegetarian options, or maybe fish options. But in the mean time, I definitely recommend it!


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