Pocky Day!

Today is Pocky day! Yes, Pocky, that chocolate covered stick. You’re probably wondering what in heavens does that entail, and to be completely honest, I have no idea! But who really needs a reason to celebrate chocolate right?!

(image source)

And why is it celebrated every November 11th? Again, no one really knows. Some say it’s because Pocky resemble the number 1, therefore Ezaki Glico (the company behind Pocky) decided on 11/11, but another rumour has it that the tradition started in Korea, where they noticed an increase in sales of Pepero every year on the same day. On this day young school girls would often buy Pepero and offer them to friends. 可愛いでしょう?

(image source)

So what can you do on Pocky day? Well for starters, eat some 😉 And this year, Glico are trying to break the world record of most tweeted brand with the #ポッキー. So enjoy your Pocky, and let’s get tweeting \(^o^)/

(Feature image source)


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