Abeno Too

Recently I’ve had a craving for okonomiyaki, so what better place to go in London than Abeno Too! Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese savoury pancake filled with your favourite ingredients (as the name suggests: “okonomi”  お好みmeaning as you like, and “yaki” 焼き grill).

I love the Japanese feel there is at Abeno Too. Most of the staff are Japanese, or at least Japanese speaking, which really gives it that feel of authenticity. But two things that are great about this restaurant:

  1.  The seats you sit on lift up so you can place all your coats and belongings, which is just simply ingenious! I mean how many times do us girls worry about whether to hang our bags on the chair, or leave it on the floor, and where do we put our coats??? It’s the simple things in life really.
  2. They cook your food right in front of you!

We ordered the Sapporo and Kobe okonomiyaki, and I can tell you they were とても美味しい!(very tasty!)





Even the way he cooked the garlic was entertaining!
Kobe okonomiyaki
Sapporo okonomiyaki

And I leave you with these dancing bonito flakes. I’ve always found there was  something very mesmerizing about it… (O_O)






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