Translingo Voice

When I saw this in the app store, I couldn’t help but download it and try it with Japanese! Translingo Voice is a new application that promises to deliver the best instant audio translation, translations of foreign text with a snap of your camera and allows you to manually type in text for translations! Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Now, I’m not getting lazy with my Japanese, but you never know, it could come in handy 😉

When you download it, it’s automatically set to translate English to French, which is perfect for me, as I am fluent in both languages, so great for testing. And to my surprise, the app understood my regular paced spoken English with no problem, and actually translated it in a coherent sentence that was correct (*cough cough* google translate!). So I then proceeded to Japanese…

Naturally (not knowing what to say), the first thing I said was “Hello”…

やった正解です!And I wouldn’t expect any less.

I then moved on to more “complex” sentences like…

Both sentences were again translated correctly. Although, I’m not sure the 鉄道 in 鉄道駅 was necessary.

And look what it came up with when I had this to say:

f^-^; …yeah well it doesn’t really make sense in English either.

Next I thought I’d try to make it translate some Japanese text. And sadly, this is where the app starts to disappoint. The first text I translated was 漢字, which it perfectly translated into kanji. Getting all excited, I thought I’d make it translate more text. I mean imagine the possibilities! If I ever forgot to do my homework, I could just translate the whole thing! (Just saying. Of course I would never do that^-^; ) But here’s what I got when I tried to translate this 年賀状 (New Year’s card):

AAHHHH!! What happened there?! Clearly, this was way too much to handle. (And clearly I won’t be using this for homework) When I tried other texts, which were slightly longer, Translingo’s server was suddenly “over loaded”, and not matter how many times I “retry”, it just wasn’t going through 😦

Final conclusion: the app does instantly translate and is quite accurate. It’s also able to translate pictures, just as long as you don’t abuse it and try to translate a newspaper. It’s good fun, and I think it could be useful in some travel situations 😉


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