Hyper Japan 2012 ワクワク

Japan Matsuri may be over, but Hyper Japan is still to come! やった!

Compared to Japan Matsuri, Hyper Japan is more a celebration of Japanese pop culture. There is a bigger emphasis on manga, anime, cosplay, video games, technology, fashion and popular music. That still leaves enough room for more traditional things though, such as a shamisen performance.

And of course no Japanese event would be complete without food! So if you missed out on some of the amazing food at Japan Matsuri, you’ll still be able to eat to heart’s content here 😉

So far, this year’s schedule of events promises to bring back ITK’s robotic hand (which was スゴイ last year), giant tuna carving, and what sounds like is going to be an absolutely amazing performance by samurai sword artists KAMUI (if you’ve seen Kill Bill, you’ll understand why I’m so excited). Other events will include a talk with Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, the president of Production I.G, which famously produced the brilliant Ghost in the Shell (if you haven’t seen it or have no idea what I’m talking about, go watch it…now!).  Finally, Hyper Japan is also a great opportunity to watch a short showcase by Japanese artists. The previous two Hyper Japans featured Kanon Wakeshima, and Natsuko Aso.

So the big question is…who will it be this year?! My bet is on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, as she’s been gaining popularity. She’s also the queen of decora and the Harajuku kawaii ambassador, so she would definitely fit into the whole Hyper Japan scene. Plus the French had her for Japan Expo, so it would only be fair that she come to London next!

Is anyone else looking forward to Hyper Japan? And any guesses on who will be our guest star??


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