Boys and their toys

Japan has always been synonymous with technology, but boy was I amazed when I saw this! The first and only thing that was racing through my mind was Gundam. And to think this amazing robot was built and designed by only two people! Imagine what a whole team could do, as this article tells us.

Even Toyota recently unveiled a new robot, that they hope can be used in the future to help around the house. With Japan’s ageing population, more and more technologies are being developed with the aim to help society.

This reminded me of ITK’s demonstration at last year’s Hyper Japan (please excuse the terrible video):

The “robot hand” ( as I call it) or Myoelectrioc prosthetic hand (if you want to get more technical) was created by ITK, and this is how it works:

“Myoelectric prosthetic hands work by picking up on myoelectric signals, which are the electrical impulses that control the contraction of muscle fibres in our body. Prosthetic devices detect these signals via electrodes placed on the skin. Output voltage picked up by electrodes is processed through an amplifier, which enhances the current to a level whereby it can control electromechanical devices, like this ITK “Robot Hand” (Hyper Japan).

Very cool right? I look forward to this year’s Hyper Japan, which I’m sure will have another astonishing demonstration of Japanese technology. But what I look most forward to is seeing what lies perhaps 10/20 years down the line…


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