Japanese Game Shows

So it’s Sunday, it’s raining and it’s cold (~_~;) … だから what better way to spend the day than staying in watching Japanese game shows.

It’s true Japan is famous for its excellent cooking, beautiful sceneries and Hello Kitty, but in recent years its game shows are also increasingly gaining popularity. Here are a few game shows I have enjoyed watching over the years:

1. Human Tetris

This show became so popular, that many countries (UK, Canada, Brazil etc.) have their own versions.

2. Gaki no Tsukai (Batsu Game)

Believe it or not, but Gaki no Tsukai has been on air since 1989. The most known segment of the show though is “The no laughing batsu game”, where contestants have to go through a sort of “laughing obstacle course” without laughing. If they do, ninjas come out and slap the contestants with a bat on their oshiri (butt)…ouch!

3. Tore

This is a fairly recent show. It’s a survival game that puts two teams up against each other. The contestants are put in awkward situations and the only way to get out is by answering questions about general knowledge. And it’s nice to see that sometimes even Japanese people struggle with kanji 😉

4. Prank shows

Now I know prank shows are not just found in Japan. But somehow their pranks have more of an edge to it, like the hyakunin (100 people) prank or this scary prank here.

5. Takeshi’s castle

It’s a classic that just never gets old 🙂


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