I came across this video on YouTube the other day, and was quite pleasantly surprised (and somewhat flattered) to see Japanese people adopting black culture. Especially, as mentioned in the video, beauty in Japan (and a lot of other Asian countries) is often synonymous with “white”. It’s great to see that some are now starting to find beauty elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find more information on this style to see whether or not it is still an ongoing trend, or if it was just a phase. But as I said earlier, I’m quite pleased to see Japanese people taking an interest in black culture, and black people even. The only thing I would have to say, is that although Hip Hop has played a big role in African American culture, there’s more to “being black” than just simply enjoying rap and dressing the part. But, for the time being I’m okay with that, because everyone has preconceptions and stereotypes, and it’s only through curiosity and taking an interest that we learn about another culture.

There were other things in the video which I found quite interesting, like Hina starting to take interest in this fashion when her hair began to frizz. Funnily enough, in the past black women were (to put it quite bluntly) ashamed of their hair, and spent a lot of time braiding, straightening, curling, and who knows what else, to hide their hair. Again, maybe we were equating hair beauty to “non coarse” hair. I personally have done it all (afro, braids, straightening, natural etc.). I think that today it most certainly no longer an issue, and purely for fashion purposes that black women are constantly changing their hairstyle. Could it be that Hina was also slightly embarrassed by the frizzing of her, and that’s how she stumbled upon black culture?Whatever the reason that made Hina relate to black culture, she is now an advocate of black beauty.

In my opinion, just like lolita fashion, this new B-lifestyle may just well be a way to break away from the mould, to introduce a new concept of beauty, and let other forms of identity prevail. Japan has always been quite unique and original when it comes to fashion. It’d be interesting to see what becomes of this B-lifestyle…

(Image credit: Baby Shoop)

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