Learn Japanese in Anime and Manga

If you love anime and are learning Japanese as well, this is a great way to combine the two! I came across this website while reading through The Japan Foundation’s bulletin. anime-manga.jp is website created by the Japan Foundation to allow Japanese learners to learn through anime.

A section of the site covers typical anime characters, such as the お嬢さん (ojousan) lady.

screen shot from anime-manga.jp

You can learn typical phrases she uses, how the grammar is formed, and how it differentiates from standard Japanese. Other characters include a shounen, ojisan, and shitsuji (butler) amongst others.

The website also takes you through typical manga scenes.

You can read the manga in Japanese with kanji, kana or simply romaji depending on your reading level, and it’s all translated in English underneath. The site also allows you to play sound, so you can listen to all the different texts. すごいでしょう!

And finally, the site contains word quizzes and kanji games (where you can win prizes if you pass!). Everything you need to study Japanese d(^-^o)

Japan Foundation will also be holding a workshop Friday October 5th from 18:30-20:30, which will give you more info on the website and show you how to use it to support your studies. Spaces are limited though, so if you want to attend make sure you sign up on their website.


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