Voice Acting 声優 (せいゆう)

It’s no surprise that because of Japan’s massive anime and gaming industry, the voice actors, or seiyuu, are sometimes as famous as regular actors. Some voice actors , especially female ones, will often have a dedicated fan club. Certain fans may only watch an anime because their favorite voice actor is starring in it. 

Becoming a seiyuu is such a popular job, that there are over 130 voice acting schools. Going to a voice acting school however does not guarantee you a break through, and competition is tough. You will also find specialized magazines, such as Voice Animage (link in Japanese).

One of my favorite seiyuu is Hirano Aya. She did the voices for Misa Amane in Death Note, Reira Serizawa in Nana, Haruhi in Haruhi Suzumiya, Ume Kurimizawa in Kimi ni Todoke, Lucy Heartfilia in Fairytail, and many more…

Many voice actors will then use their fame to become singers, or actors in dramas and movies. And occasionally, you’ll find them hosting their own shows as well.


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