六 – 武道

So as a child I was a bit of a tomboy and enjoyed watching those old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies ,like “Enter the Dragon”, and wished I could fight like them. But don’t worry I wasn’t a violent child, far from it, but I was just fascinated with martial arts! だから、when the opportunity presented itself, I started Ju Jitsu. In London there is a Jitsu Foundation, and you’ll find most of their clubs in and around the universities of London.

Jitsu Atemi Nationals 2006
Jitsu Atemi Nationals 2006

Ju jitsu is an ancient Japanese martial art that uses the opponent’s  strength against them. There aren’t any weapons involved, and it’s more of a self-defense type of martial art. The movements are fluid, and include a lot of throws and locks. There are many similarities between ju jitsu, judo and aikido.  However, I have been told by a Japanese friend of mine that the jitsu taught by the Jitsu Foundation is more similar to aikido taught in Japan.I was very interested to hear her say this, and would love to go to Japan to see how they train in different types of martial arts. Maybe even attend attend a lesson or two :p I’m sure it’ll be very different from here.

Unfortunately I don’t do jitsu anymore, due to lack of time, but I’m proud to say I achieved a green belt level  d(^-^o)


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